Good morning. I will tell you random facts about me, but you’ll have to come and visit if you want to know my name needed to unlock one of the clues. I am South of Van Riebeeck and enjoy my corner view. I am a great great grandparent, and sometimes awake before 4:00 am. There’s a bunch of theologians around me, and I have a friend that always keeps me company. There’s a gravel plain between me and the first water body weaving through town. Hint: identical capitalization for the password is important.

Cardinal direction will give you direction. Only time will tell whether the time is the four digit number needed to unlock a clue. Hint: we prefer it the military way, and always early in the morning.  

Start your journey at the location of the password Alpha was carrying. You will be pointed in the right direction. Follow the path until you are told to stop. Turn your attention east, walk a couple of steps, and you should spot 3 arrows. The name of the middle arrow is the code needed to unlock the clue. Hint: identical capitalization is important.

Have you heard about the wisdom of trees? Legend has it the wisest one knows the 3 digit code needed to solve password 4. One day, two pencil sharp trees, named Gardene and Riene, were searching for the wisest tree. Starting their journey, they headed east at the 1st circle, knowing to never go beyond the 2nd circle. As they kept forging ahead, with perseverance, they found the wisest tree, who was happy to share his wisdom.

Cast in a mold, you are looking for a four-digit code.