Frequently Asked Questions (And their answers)

Why should I enter the treasure hunt?

Do you like to have fun? If yes… that should be enough. The added reward of R10 000 for the winner, is just a bonus. 

How do I win?

Be the first one to find the treasure chest.

Where is the treasure chest hidden?

Somewhere in Stellenbosch. Decipher the clues and find out 😉

Where is the treasure chest NOT hidden?

The treasure chest is NOT hidden in any place that:

  • requires a permit or entrance fee
  • is dangerous
  • is private property or in a business/facility
Who can participate?

Anyone who can be in Stellenbosch on the day of the event can participate.  In order to win the R10 000 or any of the give-away prizes, you must be registered (have a ticket with your name on it). We do recommend players be older than 14, as the clues might be too challenging for a younger player.

Who cannot participate?

Although we love them dearly, family members of Hidden Treasure SA’s employees and volunteers are not allowed to partake in the hunt.

How much does it cost to enter?

The ticket for our monthly mini-hunts are R20 (or in some instances completely FREE – check our social media platforms for promo codes).

The ticket prices for our yearly R10 000 treasure hunt ranges between R110 and R150. The ticket price per player gets incrementally as the size of the group increases.

Where can I buy an entry ticket?

You can click on this link, or any other link on this website that says TICKETS. If you still have difficulty, contact us.

When does the ticket sales close?

The ticket sales closes the night before an event at midnight.

Is a ticket refundable?

Unfortunately not. The tickets are not refundable. The tickets can also not be transferred from one person to another.

Can I be part of a team?

Yes, absolutely. Just remember, the bigger the team, the smaller your portion of the winnings – so choose wisely.

IMPORTANT: ALL players part of the team need to be registered. Aka, all the players in a team need to have a ticket with their name on it. If not, you will forfeit the prize.

How difficult are the clues?

You don’t need to have a degree in mathematics or English in order to solve any of the puzzles, but you’ll definitely be using numbers and words in your solutions. The idea of this hunt is to not make it too easy. The clues are definitely going to stretch your mind. Both logic and creative thinking will be necessary.

The clues for our yearly R10 000 treasure hunt are slightly more challenging than the mini-hunts being held throughout the year. 

We highly recommend competing in our monthly mini hunts, to give you that competitive advantage for our R10 000 treasure hunt. Not only will solving these clues help you get in the right mind-set, but the first couple of players to solve the mini-hunts will also receive awesome prizes. Our last piece of advice would be to follow our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram – because YES, hints will be dropped there. 

How many clues are there?

It’s a secret for now. The day before the start of the event, all will be revealed to you.

How do I access the clues?

You can use your phone or computer to access the clues. The clues will be sent to you digitally.

Will the clues follow on each other? Meaning do you have to solve the first clue before moving onto the second clue?

No, the clues do not follow on each other. You will receive an email the night before explaining how to get all the clues. Thus, all the clues will be available to everyone at exactly 9AM the morning of the registered event. Good luck 😉

NOTE: If you do not received any email from us the morning of the event, please contact us immediately.

Does this Q&A section include any clues?

Although it was very tempting to hide a couple of clues within the Q&A section, no, the Q&A section does not have any clues hidden inside it. This section and page was created to hopefully answer all your questions. But well done for thinking like that, because we can’t promise that our social media accounts won’t have hidden gems sprinkled inside them. 

Is the treasure-hunt covid friendly?

Yes, it is. The treasure hunts’ clues are either online or outside (not in a closed building). The treasure hunts will also never require you to enter a building or interact with anyone outside of your team.

How are you helping the community and supporting local?

We are committed to give back and invest into the Stellenbosch community. At least 50% of all proceeds made from the PRET cap sales will go towards donations/scholarships to educate and create opportunities for the youth of Stellenbosch. Our mission is also to drive social cohesion and help facilitate collaborations between local businesses.

Where is the starting point?

There is no starting point. The hunt will begin at 9AM.  You can decide where you want to be to start the event. The clues will be send electronically, so you can be on your couch at home, in a coffee shop, in Coetzenberg’s mountains… Where ever you think will give you the upper edge. We do highly recommend being in Stellenbosch, as some clues will require you searching for the answers outside.

Do I need a car to participate?

In short… yes.

Is google allowed to solve the clues?

Yes… because let’s be honest, we can’t really monitor that ;). So you are allowed to use google. It might help in some instances, and derail you in other.

Do I have to have knowledge of Stellenbosch to partake?

It is not essential, BUT having knowledge of famous landmarks in Stellenbosch, street names, etc. will definitely be beneficial. So maybe look at the map before hand, or have it close by the day of the event?

How do I prepare for the treasure hunt?

The event will go on come rain, sun, or snow. We thus recommend to check the weather before the event, to make sure you have everything you need in terms of caps and umbrellas.  Then, additionally, here is a list of essentials we recommend bringing with you: smart phone, laptop, internet/data (or find a coffee shop with free wifi – Bootleggers, for instance), chargers for your devices, umbrella, jacket/rain coat, compass (smartphone will work too 😉), enthusiasm, camera (to take awesome pictures), pen, paper, walking shoes, your thinking cap, headphones, snacks (or support the local businesses), your ticket number, Google and Google Maps. Reliable transportation will also be needed. 

Preparing mentally for the clues is a completely different thing! We thus recommend following our social media accounts for some tips and extra hidden clues (which could results in some additional prizes and give-aways).

You will also want to make sure you received our email the night before an event, which will explain to you how and where to find the clues.

Regarding COVID-19: Please adhere to South Africa and Stellenbosch’s ordinances; please stay safe and take proper precautions when being in public places.

How long will the treasure hunt last?

The clues will be released at 9AM on the day of the event. The treasure hunt will end once the chest or rewards are found. Try and set the record 😉

The monthly mini-hunts should take between 1 – 2 hours. The R10 000 treasure hunt is slightly more complicated, and typically ends around lunch time. 

Will I be notified when the treasure has been found?

Once the treasure is found, we will post it on all our social media accounts and email all the players.

What if no one finds the treasure?

If the treasure is not found within a reasonable amount of time, we will release extra hints on our social media platforms – so keep a look out. We will continue doing this until the treasure/reward is found.

What if someone who didn’t register finds the treasure chest?

You need to show the ticket with your name on it to receive the reward. Consequently, if someone finds the treasure chest and did not register, they will NOT receive the reward (that could cost someone R10 000).

Are there second and third prizes?

No. If you’re not first, you’re last. Kidding…. Kind of. Even though everyone will be winners (winning a fun team building/bonding experience), there will only be ONE winner for the annual R10 000 treasure hunt. Unfortunately, no other podium prizes. 

HOWEVER, for our mini-hunts, the first 10 individuals/groups to finish the treasure hunt will receive the mystery rewards! Be sure to share your adventure on social media to stand a chance to win a little extra bonus on the day. Use the hashtags #hiddentreasuresa and #pret so that we can follow your journey. 

Do you have merchandise?

YES! We have our first addition Hidden Treasure Stellenbosch men’s and women’s tees (t-shirts), as well as PRET caps available. So if you are part of a team, get some “spandrag”! Proceeds from the sales of the merchandise will contribute to helping local companies/people in need.

Can the caps/tees be personalised?

Companies can contact us directly to potentially add their logo/branding to the merchandise.

Until when can I buy t-shirts and hats?

Until they are sold out 🙂

When will my t-shirt and cap be delivered?

All t-shirts and caps can be collected in Stellenbosch Central within a week of purchasing it. Delivery within Stellenbosch will also be done within a week. You will be notified via email when your merchandise is shipped.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery within Stellenbosch is R30. We do not deliver outside of Stellenbosch. You can however pick up your order in Stellenbosch Central. 

NOTE: We will contact you via email when your order is on its way. 

Do you deliver outside of Stellenbosch?

Unfortunately not. However, if you want to order merch (highly recommended), you can pick up your cap/tee in Stellies. 

NOTE: We will contact you when your order is ready for pick up. 

Can I return my shirt/cap?

Unfortunately not. We also do not see any reason why you would want to ;). We searched all the local suppliers to provide you with the best products.