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R10 000

1 OCTOBER 2022 - Stellenbosch - 9am

Winners of season 1

Team: Bullet for my Quarantine

2021 - Stellenbosch

Never underestimate the importance of having fun.


Are you up for the challenge?

R10 000 is hidden somewhere in Stellenbosch, first one to find it, gets to keep it!

Clues will be released on 1 October 2022. Once deciphered, will lead you straight to the treasure chest. Have a fun outdoor adventure with your friends, family or co-workers. 

HOW it works

Get a Ticket

This is the first step to having a fun outdoor adventure in Stellenbosch. You can buy a ticket as a single player, or as a group.

Social Media

Follow us on social media for tips and other give-aways. There will DEFINITELY be some “hidden” tips and hints on social media, as well as other fun stuff. 

Decipher Clues

You will receive a specific number of clues (the number of clues will be made known on the start of the event), that need to be deciphered. The clues will be send digitally. You’ll need yourself, your teammates (if you have any), logic, creativity, phone (with data), and be in Stellenbosch to solve the clues. Anything, and we truly mean anything, is fair game when it comes to the clues.

Find the Treasure

If you think you know where the treasure is, go go go go go! Get there first. Run if you have to (please still stay safe and look right, left, and right again before you cross a road). You’ll KNOW when you’ve found the treasure.

The hidden treasure will be in a public place in Stellenbosch.

IMPORTANT: The treasure chest will never be in a dangerous location, or a location that requires a permit or entrance fee. Also, the chest will not be hidden on private property or inside a business/facility.

Who we are

Hidden Treasure SA is events organised by PRET. The mission of PRET (meaning FUN in Afrikaans), is to serve the community in a fun way. Our three pillars are:


We are organising this “treasure hunt”, to get you to enjoy the outdoors while going on an adventure in Stellenbosch. We also encourage you to support local while you are out and about. 

In addition to having a fun outdoor adventure, we figured we’ll add a little something-something for the individual/group/family who finds the treasure chest first. And that added bonus: R10 000!