When you find yourself split between three options, Clue 1 will guide you.

If you find your first of-road, Clue 2 will direct you.

Use Clue 3 to know what to do at the next of-road. B8 stands for buddy you are doing great.

Don’t get too distracted by the natural beauty and yellow and green, at the split, ask Clue 4 for wisdom.

When you get the chance to “drink some” tee, go with Clue 5.

Just keep walking, just keep walking (read this with the Nemo just keep swimming voice). Be sure to not miss a split. At the first intersection, go the direction Clue 6 tells you to.

Shortly after, use Clue 7 to know what to do at the split.

If you find another of-road, ask Clue 8 what to do.

And FINALLY, when you reach the tee, look to your 8 o’clock, and find that treasure!!! Remember, X marks the spot.