Clue 1

Let’s start off with some fun facts about our dear Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch was named by oom Simon and means ‘Van er Stel’s forest’. After coming to Cape Town in the year 1679, Simon van der Stel scuted for new farmland, and fond a suitable location with a river, which he appropriately named the Eersterivier (First River). Stellenbosch has since been home to the first Christian Church building in South Africa. On a ay different note, rumour has it that not all the graves have been removed from the oldst hotel in South Africa, situated in Stellenbosch. Another (not so) fun fact about our ton is that in 1710, a fire destroyd all of Stellenbosch, except fo four private houses. This great ire was triggered by someone smoking his pipe in the street. After the fire had stunned the people, smoking in the streets became a punisable offence. In today’s era smoking in Stellenbsch is once again allowed ouside in the streets. In other news, the first Stellenbosch Springbok was a cricketer namd Nico Theunissen. And that’s it for the fun facts for this cue.